Enhanced visbility and Cyberthreats mitigation.


Our client noticed an increase in attacks that weaponize common encryption protocols like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Security (TLS).

The attacks were sophisticated and the tools leveraged on SSL to mask their signatures which bypassed traditional signature-based security solution and policies on the network with no insight into encrypted traffic.”


To fully address this problem, there was a need to inspect the encrypted network traffic, audit the client’s security architecture, segmentation and adoption of full-proxy architecture. With this in place, all inbound and outbound traffic were decrypted and inspected, signatures were compared against threat intel sources in real-time with minimal or nearly
none latency.


Our solution offered real-time visibility of dataflow to and from an external application, protected against sophisticated threats, identified phishing attacks before launch and enhanced compliance.
The visibility extends to existing security solutions, the security team can inspect, detect, and respond to threats thereby increasing insight across the enterprise resulting in higher efficiency and cost savings for the client.