Anticipated Service Quality degradation due to forecasted huge traffic volume from subscribers.


The customer anticipated an exponential growth on network traffic starting at more than 30% growth in mobile traffic in the first year alone and 45% in the second year. Their present solution could not scale to sustain the expected traffic projections and therefore could not guarantee business continuity.


First off, a redesign of the network segment with high availability and redundnacy being a top priority as the customer had multiple gateways at different PoP across the country.

Our solution at full capacity could handle up to 230 million sessions which were more than triple the current utilized solution.

Our solution was also used as an alternative gateway to the internet in case of failure of the other PoPs.


• This was able to ensure business continuity as well as optimal performance on the mobile network, with added functionality and capacity, service quality and security.

• Of the new firewalls, next-generation technologies could be implemented on the network.
• Also the anticipated growth of the internet and data traffic would be catered for as our solution would be able to scale up to 100G.
• Reduced latency to improve customer experience. Footprint and Power savings.
• Easy to onboard new Data services and support future traffic growth of broadband services