Revenue Leakage due to inherent legacy device configuration and subscriber/customer suspicious activities


It is known that smartphones have the ability to accept IP addresses for internet access while legacy phones don’t. To reach and browse the internet, most legacy phones would have IP proxies preconfigured on them before shipment into the country. For operators to achieve certain promo and business targets, some websites are zero-rated hence enabling dubious customers and hackers to tunnel and access all billable websites via proxy.

This has been a major and persistent revenue leak for most operators in Nigeria with a particular operator’s loss estimated to be in the tens on millions of dollars per quarter.


Treten already deployed a load balancing solution for secure application delivery and load balancing capabilities and was able to leverage on this platform and the robustness of solution to categorize malicious users using VPN or proxies thereby redirecting the traffic appropriately to the billing platform for the proper billing and to a portal informing the users to remove/change dubious proxy settings back to operator’s designated proxy configurations for seamless access to the internet.


Higher visibility and monitoring of the environment, increased revenue by operator. Traffic load balancing across devices and links to ensure non peak period congestion and proper utilization of assets and resources across the ecosystem.