Treten Networks Limited recognizes the paramount importance of safeguarding information assets and maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information entrusted to us by our clients, partners, and stakeholders. In alignment with our commitment to quality, we establish this Information Security Policy to comply with the requirements of ISO 27001:2022 and to underscore our dedication to information security and our mission to provide state-of-the-art Infrastructure and Cybersecurity services.

Our Commitment:

  • Information Security Leadership: Treten Networks Limited’s leadership team is committed to establishing a culture of information security throughout the organization. They provide direction, set objectives, and ensure that information security is integrated into all business processes.
  • Information Asset Protection: We are dedicated to identifying and classifying our information assets and implementing appropriate safeguards to protect them from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.
  • Risk Management: Treten Networks Limited acknowledges the significance of risk management in preserving information security. We conduct regular risk assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and implement controls to mitigate risks effectively.
  • Compliance: We are committed to adhering to all relevant legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements related to information security. Our compliance efforts are a reflection of our commitment to responsible information handling.
  • Secure Business Operations: Our organization operates with the objective of ensuring the continuity of critical business functions. We implement business continuity and disaster recovery plans to maintain essential services in the event of disruptions.
  • Information Security Training and Awareness: We recognize that our employees play a crucial role in ensuring information security. We provide training and awareness programs to educate our workforce about security best practices and the importance of confidentiality.
  • Incident Management: Treten Networks Limited is prepared to respond promptly and effectively to information security incidents. We have established incident management procedures to minimize the impact of incidents and prevent their recurrence.
  • Continuous Improvement: Information security is an evolving field, and we are committed to continuous improvement. We regularly review our information security practices, assess the effectiveness of controls, and make necessary enhancements to our security measures.
  • Third-Party Security: When engaging with third parties, we ensure that they adhere to stringent information security standards to protect our information assets and those of our clients.
  • Data Privacy: We respect and protect the privacy of individuals and organizations whose data we handle. We comply with data protection laws and regulations, ensuring the secure processing of personal and sensitive information.

Treten Networks Limited views ISO 27001:2022 compliance as essential to our commitment to information security. We pledge to allocate resources, promote a culture of information security, and continuously improve our Information Security Management System to effectively manage information security risks.

This Information Security Policy is communicated to all employees, partners, and stakeholders, and their adherence to its principles is vital to our collective success. We will regularly review and update this policy to ensure its alignment with ISO 27001:2022 requirements and the evolving landscape of information security threats.



Victor Ajua

Chief Executive Officer

Information Security Policy TNL-TM-ISP-02

Version: 1

Authorization Date: 07/09/2023