We are Africa’s largest CISCO Lab focused on developing capacity, capability and competence especially in the area of Information Technology. We place participants at better positions for employment globally, equip them for improved service delivery and build workforces engineered to suit different organizational needs.

As part of our commitment to the largely unemployed youths of the country, you will be empowered to develop competencies, employable skills and build entrepreneurial spirits, that you may become better equipped to contribute productively to the society while carving out respectable and rewarding careers for yourself.

We also offer training services to keep employees of organizations up – to – date with technological changes across the globe, and empower them to manage situations remotely.


Our Vision

To become the #1 ICT Security Solutions Provider in Africa.


Our Mission

We are in business to ensure our clients operate securely by providing them with state-of-the-art ICT and Security services through Security Advisory, Assessment and Remediation (SAAR) thereby allowing our client focus

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